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Cannot see C:\ProgramData folder?????

Posted: 19.04.2019, 16:02
by kevmeist
I have show hidden files turned on in FreeCommander (donor version) and do NOT see the C:\ProgramData folder.

Win10 File Explorer DOES show that folder.

Why is that? Is there another switch I have to check to see those types of folder?

I was trying to find C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService folder to delete their cache file according to their TS instructions (see below for those):

Quit malwarebytes from the systemtray.
(right click the Malwarebytes icon in the system tray (down by the clock > quit)

Then navigate to the following folder:


In there, locate the file HubbleCache and delete it.

(Note: ProgramData is a hidden folder > show hidden files and folders first)

Restart Malwarebytes again.

FreeCommander Settings shown below:

Re: Cannot see C:\ProgramData folder?????

Posted: 20.04.2019, 09:22
by Marek
No problem here on Windows 10.
C:\ProgramData is visible if the option for "Show hidden files" is active
You can try to activate the option "Show system files" too.
The tree has own option "Show hidden folders" ... ement.html

Re: Cannot see C:\ProgramData folder?????

Posted: 20.04.2019, 10:35
by kevmeist
Thanks. Checked out those links. It was the View/Tree/Show Hidden Folders" that I had to check. Then, I could see that folder. Maybe that check box could have a hint on the View/File/Folder List as to its location?. I had not even been to the "Tree" settings before as the "View File/Folder list" seemed to cover folders also, no?