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792 - Add indication when copy/move does not do anything

Posted: 14.02.2019, 04:59
by Free4all
When a copy or move operation does not do anything, FCXE does not provided any visual or auditory cues.

How about a simple Asterisk or Exclamation sound when this happens so the user knows nothing was moved or copied?

Here's an example of when nothing is copied or moved:

1. Select ".." (double dot) in a pane.
2. Press the "Copy selected items" button (or the "Move selected items" button)
3. Nothing gets copied/moved (which is good, but some sort of feedback is needed)

What's a situation in which this happens? Let's say the user wants to move FILE_A.txt from Pane 1 to C:\TEST\. So the user selects FILE_A.txt in Pane 1, and then they put the focus in Pane 2. Then they select C:\TEST\ in the tree. Now they press the "Copy selected items" button. Nothing happens (because the wrong pane has focus), but there is no indication that something went wrong.