[FIXED] 788-cannot copy into program folder from zip file

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[FIXED] 788-cannot copy into program folder from zip file

#1 Post by Odamn-Ete » 05.12.2018, 04:41

@Marek - Thanks for fixing this in version 790!

It is not possible to copy files which are within a zip file to the programs folder.
My settings are to ask the user upon overwrite, after the UAC prompt, I can see the outline of the FC user prompt window to overwrite being drawn, but it disappears immediately, before any content within the FC user prompt window is displayed and the files are not copied (overwritten).

I tried testing with a test ini file, no plugins etc. but I could not perform the desired action. When I double clicked (or just pressed enter) on the zip file, 7-zip opened, instead of FC displaying the contents of the zip file within the FC panel.

I extracted the files from the zip and was able to copy into the programs folder, but then this bug viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8841 reoccurred.

Thanks in advance for looking into this.

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