Multi Rename Not reloading Renamed Files

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Multi Rename Not reloading Renamed Files

#1 Post by AVeryNiceGuy » 01.08.2017, 02:29

This is not working anymore since the version 748 (the version works 747 works fine and I am still using it)
I often do "two Passes" to rename.
So I select one or more than one file.
Open the multi Rename tool.
Select and apply my first profile.
after the file)s) is/are renamed, I click on "Reload".
I see my file renamed (as it should be and always been).
Select my second profile and click on apply.
Then I have the message "=> The system cannot find the file specified".

The "reload" is not reloading, it keep the previous file name.

Can You fix it?



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