Moving from structureless view to source dir

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Moving from structureless view to source dir

#1 Post by BGM » 20.05.2016, 16:08

There is this one directory where I have lots of folders full of image files.

My aim is to move all the files from the subdirectories into the parent.

I go to that parent folder and toggle on structureless view to show all files in parent and all files in its subfolders.
Then I MOVE all the files from structureless view to parent.

So I find a file that I know is in a subfolder and I know is NOT in parent and I push the MOVE button in the splitter.
FC gives me a message saying, "Source and target are the same - operation is not supported"

However, with that file selected, if I toggle off the structureless view, I can move the file just fine.

FCXE version 720 64bit donor edition.

On a side note:
(Maybe there could be a FC folder command for "Remove contents of subdirs to parent and remove dirs"?
(Windows 7 Professional 64bit)

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Re: Moving from structureless view to source dir

#2 Post by Dreamer » 20.05.2016, 18:06

Confirmed in 721 x64, Win7 x64, FC move operations.

Workaround, Ctrl+X / Ctrl+V works good, also drag and drop.

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