[718] Doesn't handle dropped network share

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[718] Doesn't handle dropped network share

#1 Post by Zorkoff » 20.03.2016, 17:37

I was testing the new release 718 with network shares and found that it did not handle a share name that was closed very well.

As this image shows. It is very repeatable.


Just open a network share in left pane (while it is connected).

Switch to another share or drive in the left panel, then disconnect the original share from the network (unplug the ethernet cable).

Now try to open the original share that is still displayed in the tree and you get the display above.

Release 717 will show the same error dialog box without the whiteout of the left panel.

I am running Windows 7 SP1 x64 with FCXE 718 x64

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