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652 - Scroll wheel in list display

Posted: 22.01.2014, 20:15
by Zorkoff
Using a 2 panel display with a tree per panel, a drive bar per panel and base folder set to Drive.

When I highlight a file in the list display, and the list is long enough to require a scroll bar, moving the mouse wheel 1 click scrolls the list by:

4 entries (Win 8.1 pro x64)
6 entries (Win 7 pro SP1 x64)
7 entries (Win XP x32).

If I highlight a folder in the tree display, 1 mouse click scrolls the list 1 entry on all systems.

The scrolling should act the same in all display panels and follow the system mouse setting.

This behavior is the same for both FCXE-652 and FCXE-652x64 on the 64-bit systems.

I have added FileListMouseWheelScrollMultiplier=1 in the FreeCommander.ini file [form] section in all cases with no effect.

Systems: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1, Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and Windows XP SP3