650 - Network copying issues

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650 - Network copying issues

#1 Post by Dreamer » 09.01.2014, 21:41

- go to any shared network folder on computer A
- select any large file B
- press ctrl+x
- go to root of network computer A
- select another shared network folder on computer A
- press ctrl+v to paste the file B

= bug #1? - copy dialog with several minutes is displayed
(both paths are on the same computer, same drive, so copying should take only one moment, it works like that on network when using any folder and subfolder)

- while copying is in progress, press F2 to rename any file
= bug #2 - F2 key (and possibly others) doesn't work, it's an old bug, it's back in the new build, not sure from which build

Win Vista 32 bit

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