[651_x64] icons: "Controls" and "Control panel"

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[651_x64] icons: "Controls" and "Control panel"

#1 Post by alf5000 » 23.12.2013, 17:41

FCXE_x64, that is really cool now!

I'm afraid I found something. I'm talking of these icons in my toolbar: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/142 ... r_icon.png

a) Icon "Control panel" is a little on the slow side but works --> seems as if no bug, but some tweaking should be done here

b) Icon "Control" seems to have a bug.
steps for reproduction:
1) lock a tab: "Lock tab - no navigation"
2) watch the tab in "Details view"
3) now press Icon: "Controls; Opens Controls Folder"
4) select one entry from that new tab (hovering might do the job as well)
5) close the tab (this will bing you back to your locked tab from step #1)
6) this locked tab now in in List view, whereas it should be in Details view
what makes it worse:
7) Ctrl+R (Refresh) doesn't work now, but Ctrl+Shift+R (Refresh all) does the trick
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