Issue with "pin to taskbar" in Windows 7

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Issue with "pin to taskbar" in Windows 7

#1 Post by rickowen » 31.10.2013, 16:54

Using the version (Win32) donor preview on Win7 Enterprise, SP 1 I was not able to pin FreeCommander XE to the taskbar. When I right-click on the taskbar icon when the program is running I would get the little preview image of the application, but no context menu. I am running the portable version of the application because of company policy about installing programs. The portable version is unzipped to a folder on the system disk - it's not running from a thumb drive.

I don't recall this happening in previous versions, but this is the first time I have run the application from the portable version unzipped to the system disk.

I was able to create a shortcut on the desktop and then right click on the shortcut to get the "Pin this program to the taskbar" option. Once I got it pinned I see the behavior I expected as far as running the application, etc.

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