613 - Some toolbar options are lost again and again

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613 - Some toolbar options are lost again and again

#1 Post by Dreamer » 26.01.2013, 21:08

When changing the toolbar options, button size, use big icons etc., these options are lost:

Favorite tools > [x] use big icons
Favorite tools > button size (reset to 18, from 32)

Splitter > [x] use big icons
Splitter > button size

...OK I have the exact steps to reproduce:

- use clean install
- right click on the splitter - customize toolbar
- click the "splitter" toolbar item
- use big icons is enabled, button size is 24
- now just click "address" toolbar item
- press OK
= splitter icons are shrinked immediately, use big icons option is disabled and the button size is change to 18!

Win Vista 32 bit.

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