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612 - full row select bug

Posted: 18.01.2013, 17:57
by alf5000
if 'Theme off' is selected there is definitely something wrong with 'Full row select'!!

Re: 612 - full row select bug

Posted: 18.01.2013, 18:11
by Marek
More exactly?

Re: 612 - full row select/hot track bug

Posted: 18.01.2013, 21:58
by alf5000
sorry for 'something' - it's not only a 'Full row select' but also a 'Hot track' bug.

a) full row select does not work in details view. it's not possible to select [multiple files with CTRL+click -- edit] unless ticking the filename

b) hot track behaves weird and looks strange: ... l_row2.pdf ... ow4_cr.jpg ... ow5_cr.jpg

I narrowed it down to the following settings: ... l_row3.jpg

if I start FCXE with the settings above and then uncheck 'Theme off' without restarting FCXE both bugs are almost gone ( ... ow6_cr.jpg) until I restart FCXE.