Problem with Regular Expression NEAR search

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Problem with Regular Expression NEAR search

#1 Post by free_c » 06.12.2012, 08:52

I am very enthusiastic about the regular expression support in FreeCommander.

I noticed a limitation in the possibilities of regular expressions when compared with, for instance, "grepWIN" (

I use the following expression to search for words that are located within a defined amount of words from each other:


The numbers 1 and 6 indicate the minimum and maximum number of words that are allowed between searchword "word1" and searchword "word2". This DOES work in FreeCommander, as long as the maximum 'words-between' number stays below 6. As soon as a higher maximum number is used, for instance 12, it no longer works in FreeCommander.
A higher number can be used without problems, in grepWIN, which I have also used (I tried for instance "100" without problem).

As I really like FreeCommander and prefer not to use other programs separately, do you think this could be fixed in FreeCommander?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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