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Multi-Rename Tool

Posted: 11.10.2010, 17:48
by sdaughtry
FreeCommander 2009.02b Build 418 donor
multi rename tool:

1. Add the ability to use a "?" character as a wild card to replace the current position of a filename with something else, regardless of whether it is alphanumeric:

original string: 209 - Tesla - Into the Now.Mp3
search for: ??? - Telsa - Into the Now.Mp3
Replace with: [c] - Tesla - Into the Now.mp3

2. Retain settings from previous session of the Multi rename tool

3. Bug regarding underscore character "_"

original string: 209_Tesla_Into_The_Now.mp3
Search for: _
Replace with: (a space character)
result: 209 - Tesla Into_The_Now.mp3
Problem: only replaced the first underscore character with a space - wanted to replace ALL occurences of the underscore with a space

Re: Multi-Rename Tool

Posted: 09.02.2011, 17:21
by ace105
I maybe think u reply to wrong thread. This thread for the Beta version!

I make note: in my copy of Beta version, multi-rename option is de-activated! I hope it comeback.

Can I make bold? I make suggestion for developer to look little at program called ExploreXP. It is not a good file manager. It is too slow and have other issues, BUT it has the best best multirename! Many tools I have looked at, Bulk Rename Utility, THE Rename, Lupas Rename, Rename Master, LopeSoft FileMenu Tools, I cannot say strong enough ExploreXP is the best! Simple and powerful and just neato :)