845 - Drive-List does not always refresh

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845 - Drive-List does not always refresh

#1 Post by Mr-Fly » 23.03.2021, 07:47


I have a PS-Script, which will be started from Favorite Menu, which mounts a NAS-UNC-Path to a Driveletter.
Sporadically, the Drive-List will not be updated. When I drop-Down the list, the driveletter will not be shown. When I open explorer, the drive is shown normally.
When I then exit FC and restart, the drive will also appear. Seems there is a problem with refreshing from time to time?
Its not always like this and I cannot tell you when this happens.
When I go to the topmost-folder and then hit "backspace", which brings you to the drive-list inside the folder-view, then the drive is also visible. Its just the "drive-list" top left which is not refreshing and I dont find a "refresh" option for this?

Even changing into this drive is then weird, as I can jump into it through the list in the folder-view, but this will also not refresh the drive-list, so basically I am in a drive that does not show up in the list of the drive-list.

Using FC under: Win10 German (2004+), Server 2016, Server 2019 + Onedrive

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