Panes refresh unstability using "N°" as head of column

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Panes refresh unstability using "N°" as head of column

#1 Post by BC54 » 09.03.2020, 10:47

Good Morning,

My configuration is FC 814 Donor under Windows 10 Build 1909

Issue : I use the windows element "N°" as head of Column in a Column profile (for music tracks numbers management)

Since last release (814), I cannot click the head of this column (in order to sort tracks for ex), it leads to continuous refresh of the panes (around every seconds)

This issue does not exist on 813 release. The 814 issue appears on my 3 PCs.
I tried to install 814 release from scratch and create a simple column profile with this sole "N°" element. No success.
I tried to move the column or enlarge the column. No success.
This issue does not appear with an other head of column (title, duration, ...)

Thanks for identifying and fixing this issue or advise for a counter measure until next release. I currently went back to 813 donor release.

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