811 - Message box with no string

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811 - Message box with no string

#1 Post by Free4all » 20.01.2020, 07:45

FCXE 811 Donor 64-bit

Hi Marek. Thank you for all the great bugfixes and new features in 811!

The timestamp save/load functionality looks very useful. Great idea!

I discovered an issue:
1. Select one or more item(s)
2. Press shift+enter to adjust attributes/timestamps
3. Click on the 'Save/load timestamps' tab
4. Check the 'Save Timestamps' checkbox
5. Ensure the file being saved-to does not exist
5. Click on the Run button
6. A 'Yes/No' message box will appear with no other strings inside

Because there are no strings, I can't tell if it's just a missing string, or a message box that isn't supposed to appear, or both.

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