Selection error in Search Files / Folders results

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Selection error in Search Files / Folders results

#1 Post by Free4all » 10.01.2020, 03:54

FCXE v810 64-bit donor on Win 7 64-bit.

1. Select multiple files in a Search files/folders duplicate search result (might happen in regular search results too)
2. Using the keyboard, select two files in the middle of the results by clicking on one of them, then pressing shift+down-arrow
3. Press shift+delete to permanently delete the files
4. Now press shift+down-arrow again to select the current file plus the one below it
5. Notice that FCXE now magically has 3 files selected instead of 2 (it also selects the file ABOVE). If you have difficulty replicating, press shift+down-arrow a few more times, until you reach the end of a comparison section.

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