SUGGESTION for adress field dropdown menu

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SUGGESTION for adress field dropdown menu

#1 Post by CabbageTree » 01.11.2019, 12:52

Hi there,

I am not sure what is the proper name for it, but I am talking about the dropdown menu which appears when clicking on the folder in the adress field:


It is awesome and I admire it. But it would be great to elevate it a bit:

I was inspired by behaving of the Adobe Bridge. When clicking on the item in the adress bar, the same menu as in FC appears and you can click on the listed folder. But when you do it and you are jumped to that clicked folder, the menu does not disappear, but appears for the folder you are currently in. (The same popup menu, on the same place in the screen, but just refreshed for the current destination.) This means that you can quickly continue browsing folders without additional clicking. When you move your mouse away, it simply disappears and you stay where you are.

Second idea with that dropdown menu is similar. It would be nice if each of the folders listed in that menu could be unwraped (expanded) in cascade style. Just howering mouse in the right side of the dropdown menu would open the next level of the folder which mouse currently howers on. Pretty much like cascade menu on webpages.

Thank you.

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