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Viewing PDF

Posted: 23.10.2019, 16:05
by tjofott
I've purchased the donor version and I can't quick-view pdf files. I've done a lot of system tweaking - what could be wrong?

Re: Viewing PDF

Posted: 23.10.2019, 21:18
by Dreamer
Try this:
Marek wrote:
05.10.2019, 15:19
Try to change preview of PDF files from "Windows preview" to "Internet/Office preview".
- Open internal viewer with F3
- Open settings with F9 and select "General" tab
- from the field "as Windows preview" remove ".pdf"
- add ".pdf" in field "as Internet/Office"
- save setting with OK

Re: Viewing PDF

Posted: 23.10.2019, 23:46
by tjofott
Hi and thank you for the tip - I made the change, with the quick view window open it launches foxit reader - so I'm still not able to see the pdf in quick view.... I don't have adobe reader on my system and I have enabled Microsoft pdf printer in options and features Win 10....