Rename files within a zip archive.

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Rename files within a zip archive.

#1 Post by Hoangnguyen » 11.09.2019, 10:31

Salvete! Is it possible, perhaps with a plugin, even, to rename files inside of an archive? I want to view the archive in FC, then rename the files inside. Right now, I view the file in FC, bring up the rename dialogue, and nothing happens - I click "OK" to accept the new name, and the dialogue box just flashes itself. If I can't do it, at least FC could let me know that by saying something!!!!

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Re: Rename files within a zip archive.

#2 Post by Dreamer » 11.09.2019, 17:27

Which version are you using? It works good here (801, 790a, fcZip fc_internal_zip plugin). When I changed archive to read-only, I had error dialog.

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