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Quick view for video file — pretty old players available

Posted: 06.08.2019, 12:27
by CabbageTree
Hi There,

I would like to ask about the internal video player (Ctrl + Q). It seems pretty old (both VMP [6 and9], and VLC as well, despite I have the latest VLC installed in my system). I am animator and I often need to preview short videos.

* I miss the looping option. When the video is over, i have to click play button again, again, and again to play it multiple times.
* When paused, scrubbing through static frames is impossible.
* When using VLC and need to scrub to different time, I have to find the tiny scrubber and drag it left or right, instead of clicking to the particluar time (no dragging in real VLC, just clicking).
* Since playing the preview in one part of the oposite panel of the FC, there would be great to have some zooming option.

Quick preview is great fearure of FC. But due the inconveniences I mentioned above I rely on classic VLC — and that is pitty.

Thank you for any help or advice how to upgrade the internal FC plugin to be not so outdated. Thank you.

Win 10
FC 800
FC-Internal media players options: (VMP 6, 9; VLC — installed latest; MCI)

Re: Quick view for video file — pretty old players available

Posted: 30.09.2019, 22:52
by CabbageTree
Just installed the 802 build. The VLC is AWESOME now.

Thank you for this…