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788 - Quick viewer media player issues and suggestions

Posted: 08.12.2018, 11:42
by Dreamer
While organizing many video files, thumbnails view and quick viewer are useful features, but I found few issues with the quick viewer:

1) MCI option doesn't work good, no video or no video/audio, but I'm not sure if it just needs codecs, this is not so important...
2) WMP 6.4 / 9.0 - works good, when deleting or moving a video while playing, it works, but it takes 2-6 seconds (mov videos are slowest).
3) VLC - works good, when deleting a video while playing it works, but when moving a video while playing, error dialog is shown.

What about another player as option, MPC-HC (or another MPC version) - or PotPlayer - with this player it's possible to delete or move a video while playing and it's not needed to stop it, so it may be faster.