My New Text File function

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My New Text File function

#1 Post by georgecarrasco » 22.11.2018, 03:48

Salvete! For some time now, I have been using Powerpro to do a special function, and I create a FCXE button, and attach the script to that button. My script will create a new blank text file in the directory of the active tab, ask you for its name (and extension, too, if say you want it to be an .ahk file or a .bat file - but if you don't specify the extension, it defaults to .txt), save it there, and then open it so I can begin typing immediately. I know FC can create a new text file, but how about the rest? Anybody like this idea?

Now, I want to say that I have a second, similar button, that runs a script to create what I call an "info-page" file. This is a text file that is always named "!info.txt" - the ! makes it sort to the top in name-sorted lists. When it is created and named, it is automatically opened, a separator bar (------------), the date and time is inserted, and the cursor is jumped to the first blank line after that date. Then I can make any notes I want there. Now, the next time I am in that directory, and I push the infopage button, instead of creating a new info-page, it opens the original one, jumps to the end of the text, inserts a new separator, date an sets the cursor on the next following blank line. Now I have a sort of dated diary.
Do you like that idea too?

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Re: My New Text File function

#2 Post by bonniesmock » 22.11.2018, 03:49

I like them both!
I use PowerPro, but I have no idea how to create those scripts.

I'd like to see in FC XE the same functionality you get with PowerPro snippets: blocks of text that are automatically inserted in the active window. And when you make a New file, you hit that snippets button and chose a file name previously set (from the snippets menu). Or automatically insert your address, or mail regards or anything else into your newly created text file...

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