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Color schemas changes whislist

#1 Post by Dreamer » 25.10.2017, 19:27

I have updated my "wishlist" for color schemas changes, it should be clearer now. I'll try to keep this list updated.

- some white lines and borders (in menu, CMD) (remove or make thinner)

Custom color for:
- arrows in menu (black > white, or same as font)
- [x] close button for active tab (active and inactive panel)
- text of selected item inactive list
- text of focused item inactive list
- "focused item active list" - same color as focused item text
- "hot item" - same color as hot item text
- "Draw border" or/and "Only border" for Selected item inactive list
- "Draw border" for Selected item active list (if main FC window is inactive)
- Status bar font (bug)
- Colors from Viewer and Quick Viewer are not saved in Color schema
- Border color of selected toolbar button
- Grey lines between items in the main menu

From old topic:
- tab - inactive panel - active tab font (color from active tab is used)
- stripe for inactive panel (when using "stripe" color, it's hard to see which panel is active)
- tree focused item (light blue can't be changed, only selection without focus can be)
- tree node symbol (black currently, inappropriate for dark backgrounds)
- tree background for inactive panel (if two trees and two panels are used, it's not easy to see which side is active)
- drop-down black "down icon" symbol

Gradient direction options for:
- active item in active and inactive panel
- selected item(s) in active and inactive panel
- focused (hot) item

Separate gradient direction options for:
- status bar
- drives bar
- splitter
- left border
- right border

Can't be changed for now:
- separate color for some white lines (at least line below main menu)
- gridlines color
- columns header color
- scrollbars color
- the line below main menu (remove or change the color)
- separate text color for menu (if FC window is inactive)

Updated: 2017-10-28

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