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Set Timestamp for Accessed

#1 Post by BGM » 16.09.2017, 14:53

When I open the RAHS Attributes/Timestamp panel, the "Accessed" option is greyed out for me.

I have a few files where the timestamps got borked when I dragged files between FC and XnView MP (Read all about it my XnView MP thread), and am trying to fix them (don't know if the problem comes from FC or MP).

However, the "Accessed" option won't enable for me. Is there a reason for this? Can I enable it somehow or is this something Marek has to fix?
(I'm not sure why the png file isn't displaying here above... Maybe Dreamer can help me out here)

Now, I can't change the Accessed date with FC, but I can do it with autohotkey.
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