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753 - Multiple dialogs for Delete operations in some folders

Posted: 16.08.2017, 17:07
by Dreamer
- Create a new folder in the folder, that require administrative privileges, for example, to Program Files.
- Create multiple files inside the folder.
- Delete the folder.
- Dialog "File access denied" is displayed.
- Click Continue button.
- Click Yes to continue (UAC dialog).
- First file is deleted.
- Another "File access denied" and UAC dialog is displayed
= These 2 dialogs are displayed for each file, you need to confirm these dialogs for all files, you also need to confirm "Skip" for each file if you want to cancel the operation.

EDIT: OK, it's possible to cancel the operation clicking the "Send to Recycle bin" dialog.

Tested with Delete operation options "Use Windows" and "Use FreeCommander".

FC 753 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.