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Multi-line tabs

Posted: 19.12.2013, 10:48
by Lumir2
i have a question... How i can disable cycling for multi-line tabs? I would like that tabs position was still fixed...


Re: Multi-line tabs

Posted: 19.12.2013, 22:07
by Dreamer
Hi Lumir2,

AFAIK, there are only 2 possibilities, you can change it here:

Settings > folder tabs > tab general > tab position > [ ] multi-line?

Re: Multi-line tabs

Posted: 20.12.2013, 04:56
by Lumir2
Hi Dreamer
I want use multiline but i do not want that tabs change position... example i have 3 lines tabs and when click on tab in 2 line, tab change position to 1 line. This is no good...

Re: Multi-line tabs

Posted: 20.12.2013, 07:32
by Marek
It is not possible now.

Re: Multi-line tabs

Posted: 20.12.2013, 07:50
by Lumir2
Hi Marek

and will be possible to make it as new function? i think most of users use multiline tabs and when tabs still change position this is frustration...

thank you

Re: Multi-line tabs

Posted: 14.09.2019, 08:36
by bruno
Dear Marek,

First thanks for all the nice work on your FreeCommander tool.

I agree with Lumir here, the point of multiline tabs is to give you shortcuts to many different locations. Having them move around is annoying and slows down navigation. Imagine shortcuts on your desktop or in your browser toolbar move around depending on which one you click...

I know this behavior of tab rows moving around is standard in many applications, but that's only because some day some guy thought it was a good idea to make them look like real-life paper tabs by keeping the active tab attached to the main window. However I really don't see the point. Highlighting the active tab is enough. Moving the row moves all the other tabs, and your mind has better things to do than keep track of where all the other tabs went. Super frustrating.

If fixed tab rows could be part of the next FC version, that would be awesome and would definitely set it apart from other tools and applications in my view (we have total commander at work, same problem).


Re: Multi-line tabs

Posted: 14.09.2019, 17:41
by Dreamer
As you said, this problem is also in other program, so it's probably not easy to change it.


- use favorite tools toolbar with different paths, to easily change the path, you can have multiple lines with items
- use custom tab icons, shorter tab names - or no tab name for some basic tabs (like downloads, games, music, pictures, movies...)
- create a file container tab and copy the folders there, they can work as shortcuts, it could be useful for less often used folders/paths