v642 - wake computer Open Folder Warning on UNC path.

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v642 - wake computer Open Folder Warning on UNC path.

#1 Post by rluiten » 03.12.2013, 06:39

After waking up the computer Windows 7 64bit. I get a XE preview opening a dialog with message and OK button.

"\\testcomputer\d$\share is not accessible. You might not have permision to use this network resource. Contact the adminitrator fo this serve to fin out if you have access permission.
The specified network name is no longer available"

Then if i click OK on the dialog the content of the active tab is emptied, and the path reverted to the root unc path eg. \\testcomputer\d$ in this case. If i then click left arrow to go to previous item in history i get back my path and it refreshes. Can this be fixed to possibly wait a bit longer or delay the check for network access. I know in previous freecommander which I still used heavilly till last week it never exhibited this behaviour on waking the computer.

Liking the current preview of XE, it feels snappier though im still getting use to small difference in behaviour from the previous release.


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