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Info about FreeCommander

Posted: 24.05.2013, 21:37
by forseti
Why isn't FreeCommander open source? It could be benefitial (volunteers that help with new functionality and / or bughunting). In current state it's free for non-commerial & comercial use, so with good licence (with conditions that you are author, nobody can sell it, ...) it would be the same as it is with those benefits, that I mentioned above.

In what language is FreeCommander written? Delphi? C++?

How many people develop FreeCommander? only Marek?

Thanks for answers, Michal

Re: Info about FreeCommander

Posted: 25.05.2013, 13:20
by bobad
As long as the original author has vision and energy to develop his own software, I think it's best. I've seen some good freeware go Open Source and disappear into a black hole. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the stew.

Re: Info about FreeCommander

Posted: 25.05.2013, 15:19
by forseti
Yes this is one way it could end. But there is another. Original author could be master that manages the development and commits changes. (same way as Ton Roosendaal in Blender Foundation) There is one other benefit somebody else can fork the program and make it better than original one.

But I respect authors decision and if he wish to have it closed, it's his right.