612 - lister plugin settings (in particular, TotalHLT)

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612 - lister plugin settings (in particular, TotalHLT)

#1 Post by zakb01 » 25.01.2013, 14:53

I've been trying out the TotalHLT lister plugin (http://www.totalcmd.net/plugring/hlight.html).

It seems to work perfectly (apart from experiencing the file locked issue as described in this topic).

However, I would like to change some of the settings. The readme indicates that I can create a highlight.ini but I cannot make this work.

I even checked the source of the plugin and it does indicate that it would read a highlight.ini:

Code: Select all

char inifilename[MAX_PATH]="highlight.ini";
	  char path[MAX_PATH];
	  GetModuleFileName(hinst, path, sizeof(path));
	  *strrchr(path, '\\') = '\0';

    if (ini.loadFromIni(string(path) + "\\" + inifilename) == 0)

      string section = "highlight";
      if (ini.getString("theme", section) != "")
        highlight.setTheme(ini.getString("theme", section));
      highlight.setIndent(ini.getString("indent", section));
      highlight.setLineNumbers(ini.getBool("linenumbers", section));
But no matter where I save the ini file, the settings don't seem to be picked up. I've tried the FreeCommander installation directory, the directory where highlight.wlx sits, the FreeCommander settings directory (where freecommander.ini is).

Anyone any ideas? :)

Edit: changed subject to be more informative

Green Drake
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Re: 612 - lister plugin settings (in particular, TotalHLT)

#2 Post by Green Drake » 12.11.2018, 17:01

You have to edit highlight_wlx.xml file, instead of highlight.ini.

Hope it will you or someone else who will google for it, even if it's after 6 years))

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