Spam in the DokuWiki RSS feed

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Spam in the DokuWiki RSS feed

#1 Post by BGM » 24.01.2013, 14:34

Marek, I've done a small amount of work in the FreeCommander DokuWiki, and to keep track of changes I signed up for the RSS feed that it generates.

The last two days, I 've received spam RSS from that feed.
Here is the rss link with the spam: ... 25&do=diff

Here is a sample:
Satellite direct review-Okay, I bought this product myself and I was EXTREMELY skeptical that it was not going to work, that the quality would be lousy, or anything else that could go wrong... would. But, I was pleasantly proved otherwise.
I didn't personally know anybody that purchased the product, so I took the chance. Here is what the product promises upon purchasing:
No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees
No Bandwidth Limits
You get 24/7 Unlimited Access…
(Windows 7 Professional 64bit)

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