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Rearranging items in "Define favorite toolbars" dialogue

Posted: 03.01.2013, 15:06
by BGM
Salvete! Okay, I have two categories in a toolbar. I want to move an item from one category to another. Now, it will work fine if I change the category using the dropdown box. But if I am using the up/down rearranging arrows, you can't move an item further down than the end of the category.

In my opinion, I think you should be able to change categories by moving an item down in the items list.

Also, when you define an icon, it does not get updated during that dialogue session in the item listing.

I also find that if I add an item and rearrange it, and then add another, that my ordering gets reset. I thought we fixed that in a previous version, but it still seems to persist in version 611. Maybe it has something to do with adding separators.