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Re: XE considerations ...

#46 Post by AEN007 » 30.04.2012, 10:37

AEN007 wrote:
AEN007 wrote:
AEN007 wrote:26May2011
The FreeComm "sticky" (non-search file find? - what is this feature called?) is unique & great.
I do not have to quickly type all the characters of the file name I would like FC to find/highlight;
however, I often find that it is TOO sticky ...
I don't (at the moment) have anything more specific to input/suggest but
wish that somehow the feature was not SO sticky ...
that I did not always have to hit ESC to toggle off the feature ...
One specific I can give is that when users hit SHIFT & UP or DOWN, the "quick-find" box should close!
Maybe it would be useful/simple if the "quick-find" box would close when users hit the SHIFT key.
The "quick-find" box is not case sensitive, so SHIFT has no use in the "quick-find" box.
Seems to me also that the "quick-find" box could/should close when the user hits F2 {rename} ...

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Re: XE considerations ...

#47 Post by AEN007 » 02.09.2012, 07:42

AEN007 wrote:It would be nice if users could select custom column views with hotkeys.
It would also be nice if users could toggle overriding custom column conditions
by toggling a specific "sticky" custom view for a tab on a tab by tab basis.
FrCXE does not seem to manage CustomViews (CVs) very well.
I have many (30+) CVs created and have applied All subfolders <sub> to most.
FrCXE applies the first CV in the list to all folders not listed in any "conditions".

I have around 10 CVs with no conditions set.
These are for selecting whatever specific CV I want a tab to have at the moment.
Anyway, I also use FrCXE (and my other freeware file explorers) in many different "layouts" ...
"maximized"/windowed, horizontal/vertical split, 1 or 2 panes ...

It should be possible for users to set a view for a tab that FrCXE will use for ALL folders in that tab
until the user tells FrCXE to again start applying "conditons" and etc ...
Right now FrCXE changes the CV every time I change to a new folder in the same tab,
and there is no way to fix a view for a/ny tab that FrCXE will use.
This (lack of) "functionality" (it seems to me) makes do specific kinds of work in FrCXE rather impossible ...

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Re: XE considerations ...

#48 Post by AEN007 » 24.04.2014, 17:36

This month I started using FrCXEß650 ...
Many issues in this thread still seem to exist ... including ...
AEN007 wrote:There is the "Select only file name" setting, but I need/use both ...
It would be nice if there was a way to hotkey either name only or name.ext ...
Also ...
it seems "Select only file name" is broken in FrCXEß650.
I have that selected/enabled, yet FrCXEß650 (now) ALWAYS selects name+ext.

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Re: XE considerations ...

#49 Post by wrbird » 25.04.2014, 02:34

Go to settings, select items, and uncheck full row select and check Theme off. Restart FC and see if that does what you're looking for.

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Re: XE considerations ...

#50 Post by Marek » 25.04.2014, 23:13

Thema closed: please use right forum. Release 650 is not the beta.


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