Tabs - lock status

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Tabs - lock status

#1 Post by ralfso » 29.12.2010, 08:08

Hi Marek,

a tab can be switched to a locked tab by chosing one of its context-options:
"Lock - navigation enabled"
"Lock - navigation to subfolders"
"Lock - no navigation"

For most tabs I prefer "Lock - navigation to subfolders".
When I use the "Rename and lock" context entry after locking a tab (for setting a tab-color), the tab status is changed back to "Lock - navigation enabled".

I think the context-entry of tabs "Rename and lock" would better renamed to "Rename and color locked tabs" and should not change the lock-status, like current FreeCommander 413 does.
Only if a tab isn't locked when this entry is chosen, it should set the tab to "Lock - navigation enabled".

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Re: Tabs - lock status

#2 Post by 14u24me » 30.12.2010, 07:05

I agree,

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