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Great reviews about the program

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Tips For Sewing The Leather And Vinyl Perfectly

Leather is one of the popular and most demanding choices people make all the time. Winter is the time when people really like to wear something stylish with protection from the cold. In this situation, what you should really sew which can make your style statement looks cool? Vinyl and leather are the garments that are going to enhance your love for winter fashion and sewing.

Today I am telling you how you can sew leather and vinyl perfectly on your best starter sewing machine you can visit Image for more information about sewing. This is not that hard as it seems to be. All you need to do is to make sure whatever you are doing must be decided and you don’t have to undo the step.


Tips For Sewing The Leather And Vinyl Perfectly

Let’s go through some of the basic techniques for all the beautiful sewers out there who are planning to prepare something out of leather or vinyl.

Permanent Holes:

The very first thing every sewer must keep in mind at the time of sewing with the leather is there is no option of undoing in this fabric. If during the sewing you have to rip the stitch out then you can see how there will be a permanent and prominent hole in the garment. We don’t use universal needles for the sewing of leather and this is the reason why you will see the hole.

During the stitching of leather, we use a thick and long needle so it can penetrate to the leather and can sew it properly. This is the reason why when you will rip the stitch out of the leather, you will see the hole in the leather and this will give a messy appearance to the project. It’s quite hard to fix the hole in the leather.

Slow and Focused Cutting:

Another thing that is quite crucial about the leather and vinyl is its cutting. When you have decided to work with leather and vinyl then one thing which should be in your mind is that cutting is not an easy thing to attempt. Once you are on the cutting table then you have to be slow and focused. There is no way you can ignore the single layer of the fabric.

Pattern Transfer:

If you are using a tracing wheel to transfer the pattern from one fabric to the leather then the first thing that should be in your rule book to sew leather is to transfer the patterns on the wrong side. All the beginners who are trying to make something out of leather or vinyl should make sure that they are not messing up with the original garment. Practice first on some rough patches.

Another thing that I would like to let people know is that you should not use a tracing wheel or any extra paper at the time of pattern transfer to the leather. I prefer to use chalk or any invisible ink marker to draw the pattern on the wrong side and then follow it. The wrong side of the fabric will help you in changing the pattern in case you don’t want it anymore.

When you are sewing something with the leather then always check the settings of the sewing machine. If you need more useful information about the best basic sewing machine and their functions then visit Crafts Selection Image for more reviews.

Machine Foot:

Machine foot is one of the important things to have when you are sewing a project based on leather or vinyl garment. Machine foot is going to make your work much easier and smoother. I prefer to use a roller foot or Teflon foot so leather or vinyl should not stick to the machine. It will make your stitches even and you can sew the whole piece in peace.


Using the right sewing feet for leather sewing

If you are going to use the Teflon foot then it will be much easier to handle both kinds of garments. Machine foot must always be in your kit as it can simplify the work and it can help you in moving forward quickly.

Tissue Sheets:

To prevent the leather from sticking to the foot, other than the machine foot you can also use sheets of tissue paper. Keep the tissue sheets at the front of the leather or vinyl garment and start stitching the whole piece. Once you are done with the leather or vinyl then you can rip the whole sheet out of the stitches.

When you are removing the sheets of the tissue from the stitches then make sure that you are not making any loop in the project. You can use a little wet cloth to remove the tissue completely from the leather or vinyl. The tissue will provide resistance to the slippery or sticky nature of the fabric.

Zig Zag Stitches:

When it comes to sewing the leather or vinyl then you have to take care of the raw edges and whether they are revealing or not? To get rid of leather or vinyl edges, the best thing you can do is to go for the zig-zag stitches. First, always use long length stitches instead of short length. The stitch length must be 3mm as short stitches can make your project fray.

Zigzag stitch will help you in controlling the raw edges of the project. Other than a zig-zag stitch, other decorative stitches are also helpful when you have to hide or cover up the edges of a certain garment which is tough to handle. First, you should make sure that you have some rough leather piece in spare to get yourself involved in the practice.

Final Words

Leather and vinyl projects are always something amazing to work at and you will love every inch of your project. To sew leather or vinyl, your sewing machine must be on point. To get more info about the sewing machine check this Image CraftsSelection Arts, Crafts and Sewing Product Reviews. A good sewing machine is going to help you a lot in preparing any project and will support you throughout the work.

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