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Slow pagedown in detail view

Posted: 03.01.2020, 20:47
by mumajs
Hello All,
I dont know if that is bug, or it is as is, but freecommnander XE x64 (latest version, but it was like this probably always) is very slow when going by pagedown in the list of files. I am using detail view. I did a comparison with some other file managers, because sometimes I work also in another file manager and the result is significant. I created 2000 zero size text files in one folder.
Then in every file manager (default settings - fresh instance) I went from first file to the last by holding page down. Below you can see the results.

freecommander - 10,0 second
totalcommander - 1,87 second
altap salamander - 1,6 second
xyplorer - 1,45 second

Every FM was capable to reach end before 2 seconds, but for FXCE it was 10 seconds. Is there anything I can do to improve that? Also in only list view (without details) is freecommander jumping by holding PD for almost 2 seconds.

Thank you,

Re: Slow pagedown in detail view

Posted: 03.01.2020, 23:14
by ralfso
Do you have switched on Folders > "Size of folders" ?

Re: Slow pagedown in detail view

Posted: 04.01.2020, 10:46
by mumajs
No, size of folders is disabled. And I am in the folder of 2000 files, there is not any folder inside.