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Re: [TOOL] Explorer/FileManager Replacement for Windows 10 x

#16 Post by pOpY » 15.04.2019, 18:21

pietro_vignali wrote:
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pOpY wrote:
14.04.2017, 06:59
New Version published:

14.04.2017 - v1.1: Clicked path will be opened in new tab on the left pane instead of overwriting current tab
First of all I need to say thank you for this extremly helpful tool.
I love Freecommander and I hate Windows File Manager as it got worst in every version from Windows 7 onward.
I use Freecommander as Filemanager replacement also in a Window Server 2016 environment and thanks to this delicious tool it works perfectly.

I have just a question: is it possible to change the behaviour and OPEN each NEW PATH as a NEW INSTANCE of Freecommander instead of a NEW TAB ?

Thanks a lot
Just updated the Wrapper in the first post to and added your feature request.
Please update and change the following line in your FC_CP_Explorer_Wrapper.exe.config file located in the FreeCommander installation directory:

Old value:

Code: Select all

                <value>/C /T /R=</value>

Code: Select all

                <value>/N /T /R=</value>
Thos are the command line arguments which will be passed to FC executable.
You can find a list here: https://freecommander.com/fchelpxe/en/C ... eters.html

Have fun

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