REQUEST: "Title" or "Text" item for toolbars

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REQUEST: "Title" or "Text" item for toolbars

#1 Post by spamspambaconspam » 10.10.2018, 16:28

I have a bunch of toolbars.

Each toolbar has a defined purpose; all of the items on a single toolbar are somehow related to each other.

I wanted to ID each toolbar in a way that was always visible, not just when I was modifying them.

So I took a toolbar item I'll never use and modded it to act as a "Title" for the toolbar.
(Samples below)

I was wondering if you could perhaps supply two new toolbar items:

1. a "text" item that can be used for simply holding text
2. a "blank" toolbar item... this would be used like a spacer, but would not be recessed and it would be the same width as the other buttons. (Or half-width)
Spacers are cool, but they get visually lost because they are so thin. I've tried putting a bunch of spacers next to each other, but it looks weird because each is visible as a recessed vertical line... like the toolbar has teeth :)




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Re: REQUEST: "Title" or "Text" item for toolbars

#2 Post by ralfso » 10.10.2018, 17:50

You have it already:
Create a new item and give it a name, no link to a program or file and no icon.
>>> the name is displayed instead of the icon. 4 or 5 letters are displayed in the upper row of the iconplace. If you type "1234 5678" two rows of text are displayed.

You can also create icons with single big letters with an icon editor (or download some) and set this icons for the item.

If you want spacers, you can use buttons for e.g. notepad.exe and set a blank (transparent) icon for this button

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