GREP search and NOT(search) function

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GREP search and NOT(search) function

#1 Post by MikeDP » 12.10.2007, 08:16

Two ideas for consideration

A) How about a regular expression (GREP type) option for searching for text within files when doing Alt-F7 searches.

B) A NOT function on the Alt-F7 search. This could allow the user to search for e.g. "All *.xls files NOT accessed after 10/9/2007" etc. [or is there a way to do this already that I haven't found yet? :wink: ]
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Hannes Rannes
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#2 Post by Hannes Rannes » 12.10.2007, 20:43

I suggest a better search window with
  • - more possibilities (like the normal panels)
    - more complex search instructions (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)
    - and post-processing of search results (search in results or filters etc.).


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