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Option to show file size also in MB

Posted: 11.10.2007, 18:26
by Dreamer
Option to show file size also in MB - in Settings > View > Status and File list - file size in. There are already "bytes", "KB" and "auto", just add also "MB" there. It's needed sometimes to see the file size in MB, e.g. Nero shows DVD size in MB.

Posted: 11.10.2007, 18:41
by Marek
Current beta: see the 'Attributes/Timestamp...' dialog, you can use Shift+Enter.

Posted: 11.10.2007, 19:27
by Dreamer
Nice, but "auto" size is missing, it would be useful for very large files - in GB.

I suggest to show "auto" size by default, because it should be at the same place, then also in Bytes, KB and MB, perhaps it's too much and size in MB will be shown twice often, but Bytes are needed, KB too and MB would be useful sometimes too. Perhaps option would help. Any suggestions how to solve this?

I have some new suggestions for this dialog, but I'll start a new topic.