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Toolbar button "Select files with same ext."

Posted: 09.10.2007, 22:05
by Dreamer
Toolbar button for existing option (keyboard shortcut) "Select files with same ext." would be useful when I want to drag e.g. only mp3s files to Winamp, or only videos to video player...

Currently it's not easy with a mouse, selecting with a mouse is not possible when using NC mode, practically it's impossible to do it without a keyboard - and it's impossible also with a keyboard only.

Posted: 10.10.2007, 18:34
by Marek
First focus the item with desired extension (mouse or keyboard).
Keybord: Alt++ (Num) select all items with focused extension.
Mouse: click on Edit an then 'Select files with same ext.'.

Posted: 10.10.2007, 21:55
by Dreamer
Oh yes, I can use a menu, but a toolbar button would be much more convenient...