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Please don't remove properties boxes

Posted: 05.12.2013, 14:22
by Max Szabó
I'm new here. I have been using FreeCommander for years and think it is an excellent creation; hats off to Marek!

One thing I find very frustrating is that FC treats the Properties dialogue box (Alt-Enter or File | Properties) as a temporary pop-up. As soon as the focus changes, the box disappears. This is annoying for at least 3 reasons:
* it's inconsistent with general MS Windows behaviour;
* makes it impossible to compare multiple properties side-by-side;
* if a disc test is started from the drive properties, then the
dialogue box disappears as soon as the user does anything else.

The "properties" dialogue boxes already have control buttons, so please leave them alone once they've been opened! Or at least make such behaviour an option (in which case I believe it should be the default setting).


Re: Please don't remove properties boxes

Posted: 05.12.2013, 15:49
by joby_toss
The properties window does not disappear, it just loses focus, same as in windows explorer.

Re: Please don't remove properties boxes

Posted: 05.12.2013, 16:58
by ralfso
You can get the property-window back by clicking on the taskbar entry of the window.

Re: Please don't remove properties boxes

Posted: 15.12.2013, 02:19
by Max Szabó
That is nonsense; the dialogues do not just lose focus, they are minimised and cannot be restored. There is absolutely no way of displaying two file property dialogues side-by-side from Freecommander. Not on any of my computers, anyway.

Re: Please don't remove properties boxes

Posted: 15.12.2013, 08:06
by joby_toss
In FC 2009:


In FCXE 641, default settings:


The only thing not shown in this .gifs is me clicking the taskbar button for the first properties window. Recording full screen would generate an image too big for the free webhosts.

Re: Please don't remove properties boxes

Posted: 18.12.2013, 11:44
by marioelvis
@ Max Szabó, @ joby_toss

You both are speaking of different OSs.

Win7 indeed shows the property window in the taskbar and you could minimize or restore it like any other task window.

In XP it is a little more difficult. The property window is bound to the FreeCommander window and does not appear in the taskbar separately. And as soon as you set focus on the FreeCommander window again the property window is placed in the background.

But it does not disappear completely, you just cannot catch it by clicking on the taskbar. Instead there are two methods to bring the property window to front again:

- Downsize the FreeCommander window (not minimizing it to the taskbar) and move it somewhere so you can see the property window again and are able to click on it.

- Unlike in the taskbar the property window is still visible in the task switcher so you can easily switch to it by using the Alt+Tab shortcut.

Note: If you minimize the FreeCommander window to the taskbar, the property window will be minimized too and then it will not even be shown in the task switcher. So in this state there is indeed no way to switch to the property window :wink:

Hope I could clear up things a little.