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combine shortcut settings

#1 Post by isto » 02.02.2012, 08:48

I noted that (in v 2009.02b) there are many similar settings in keyboard shortcuts, i.e. File search, Folder search
File rename, Folder rename, File edit, Folder edit, Address bar edit, and so on.

For each one it is possible to assign a shortcut.

I think that it should be one command with one shortcut, i.e. edit and action to be applied according to context.
If active item is file then will be File edit, if active item is .. (double dots on the top) then address bar edit, etc.

This way will be easier to remember and more intuitive to use

Thank you


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Re: combine shortcut settings

#2 Post by Dreamer » 02.02.2012, 23:33

Hm.. rename is quite good IMO, F2 to rename file/folder, select multiple files - F2 to open multi-rename, [..] active - select all files and open multi-rename.

I'd use Ctrl+F for Search (files/folders), "folder search" is something else.

Edit address bar might be more intuitive, perhaps Ctrl+F2 (not sure if it's free).


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