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Sidecar file support

#1 Post by polarbeer » 28.10.2011, 17:59


It would be nice if FreeCommander (FC) could add support for sidecar/buddy files. I mean that if I have for example four files with the following names
- summerphoto.jpg (a photo in jpg format)
- summerphoto.raw (a photo in camera raw format) (jpg and raw file are the same image only in different formats)
- summerphoto.jpg.xmp (metadata related to jpg image)
- summerphoto.raw.xmp (metadata related to raw image)

These files would be handled "as one" file when copying, moving or deleting these files. JPG file could be chosen as main file type and these other file types with the same base filename would be hidden, shown in dimmer color or intended below the main file type.

This way important files that need to be kept together wouldn't get lost so easily. :oops:

Of course user should be able to choose which file types should be treated as buddy files for each other, which one would be the main file type and how the non-main file types should be displayed (hidden, dimmed, intended etc.) User should be able to choose shortcuts for these different options. There should be buttons on tool bar to activate/deactivate these options too (on folder level maybe).

Just a thought as many digital asset management (DAM) software nowadays add metadata in sidecar files. So users are facing the need to handle many different file types relating to each other effectively. AVCHD video cameras produce also many different file types that need to be kept together (CPI + MTS/M2TS).

Just a feature suggestion from a non-programmer! :oops:



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