Synchronize: add file names to error message

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Synchronize: add file names to error message

#1 Post by marcel » 19.10.2011, 16:38

In FreeCommander 2009.02b
the function Synchronize has problem with the files containing Unicode characters like "ľščťžýáíé" etc.
(I understand that it is not time to implement Unicode, but:)

When synchronization has problem with Unicode chracters it only displays the message:

. . . . . "The system cannot find the file specified."

FreeCommander XE has Unicode problem solved but it has not implemented Synchronize function yet.

It would help a lot if an update to 2009.02b changed the message to include the full path to the problematic file. For example the message could be like this:

. . . . . "The system cannot find the files specified.
. . . . . . . C:\test\ľščťâň1.txt
. . . . . . . C:\test\ľščťâň2.txt"


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