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Color directories by name

Posted: 04.10.2007, 05:22
by vangelis
It would be helpful to be able to set a specific color for a specific range of names for directories.


For instance it will be very helpful if you could set a blue color for all directories with filename " *_files ". These are directories that automatically created every time we save a webpage " with files " and they are "bounded" to the HTML file we save.

Usually there is no need to go inside those directories and it is a good thing to have them somehow "separated" from others...

Posted: 04.10.2007, 14:40
by Hannes Rannes
If there is some time, i would generally appreciate some "String" features, like ignoring defined "pre-Strings" (like file and directory names beginning with "The *") etc.

But I think this will be a plenty of work and also should be implemented well thought-out (for a higher flexibility of such String-functions).

Posted: 05.10.2007, 16:56
by Alex
I would recommend the Regex (regular expressions) for this.