New Tab Command line parameter

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New Tab Command line parameter

#1 Post by talkstosocks » 07.11.2009, 16:25

the following quote comes from a discussion on the "general discussion" board.
ricovox wrote:I would REALLY REALLY like the following functionality, but I cannot seem to find it.

When I launch FC from the command line and specify a folder to open, I would like it to:

1) Create a new TAB for the folder if the folder is not already open in FC
2) Activate the TAB for the folder if it is ALREADY open in FC

Right now I cannot seem to get this to work. I can either open a new instance of FC with /N or I can open the folder in the existing instance with /C, but when I do that, the new folder REPLACES the one that is currently open in whichever pane I specify. I want to add a NEW tab, NOT replace the existing one.

Is this possible? What should the command-line look like?
THANKS for any help you can provide.!!

I whole heartedly agree. I would love to have this functionality. That way, because I have set freecommander as the default file manager, when i open a folder link on the desktop, for example, it will open in a new fc tab and not disturb another folder tab i was using.

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Re: New Tab Command line parameter

#2 Post by cirosantilli » 03.03.2012, 10:04

I agree! I want to use this with Autohotkeys... *-*

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Re: New Tab Command line parameter

#3 Post by Marek » 03.03.2012, 21:17

The new switch /T is implemented for the next public release of the FreeCommander XE.


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