checkboxes to select items ?

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checkboxes to select items ?

#1 Post by ggg » 04.10.2009, 23:00

just wondering, would it be possible (in next version) to implement checkboxes to select items , like in Vista or Windows 7 explorer ?

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#2 Post by Scott_Y » 18.10.2009, 03:28

If checkboxes were implemented, I would prefer that they be optional (that is, a user could turn them off in settings).

Personally, I think checkboxes would make the interface more cluttered, as well as taking up horizontal space which I would rather use for file information.

Also the red font for selected items is sufficient for me to tell the difference. So overall a checkbox would be a disadvantage.

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#3 Post by Dreamer » 18.10.2009, 23:28

Of course, it must be optional.

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Re: checkboxes to select items ?

#4 Post by ggg » 09.09.2011, 22:01

yeah, an option to enable/disable checkboxes would be fine.

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Re: checkboxes to select items ?

#5 Post by ravellar » 21.03.2012, 15:42

Hello, new here
If check box were an option, Freecommander would be the be the best, wait a minute it already is. Ok, the current version would be knocked to 2nd best, and the new verision with checkbox option would be the new royalty (King of Kings)of file managers.


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