Full folder path for the networkk mapped drive files

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Full folder path for the networkk mapped drive files

#1 Post by pgodiyal » 25.09.2009, 07:06

I am interested to get the full file path including the network server on the files I mapped to the network drives. Say I have a file //server/dir1/dir2/file.txt and I have a mapped K: drive as //serve/dir1. When I do "copy full name as text" it gives me K:/dir2/file.txt instead of //server/dir1/dir2/file.txt. So far this feature is only available in XYPlorer.

Will you be able to add the same feature to FreeCommander.

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#2 Post by ralfso » 25.09.2009, 14:50

Rightclick on the "copy path"-button on the right of the path and choose the UNC or WEB-path.

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Thanks - working for multiple files too

#3 Post by pgodiyal » 27.09.2009, 23:48

It did work and worked for multiple files too. I just replaced my XYPlorer with FreeCommander and i a finding it really impressive.

Keep it up guys.

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Re: Full folder path for the networkk mapped drive files

#4 Post by jcaiken » 12.12.2012, 21:43

The other ways to "Copy Full Path to Text" (i.e. using the Menu and Toolbar Commands) should be made consistent to provide the same command options. I spent a lot of time trying various configurations of the Menu and Toolbars before finding this thread. My frustration caused me start looking at alternative file management software after many years of successfully using Free Commander. I'm relieved I now have the answer.

The reason for me looking in the first place was to obtain the UNC reference to put into the "Map Network Drive" dialog as an alternative to browsing through all our international corporate network to get to the required folder. As the network includes many obscure server and folder names, finding the sub-folder I want to map is not a trivial task. Could I suggest that the "Copy Path" options should include a "Map folder to drive letter" option? Could you also make this option work for both network and local HDU folders?


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